Beta 6 Supermon Restrict Bug

On the latest beta version (6) available, the Restrict feature does not work in Supermon. It will not enter data into the database and it shows no entries when there are entries in the database.

Blacklisting via CLI for entering nodes and listing nodes currently in the database does appear to work just fine.

You may have to edit one or two files. The details are on the wiki.

Also, Doug is working on a new Supermon.

Supermon 2 replaces Supermon 6 please upgrade it to lastest version 1.02 soon to be 1.03 with far more advancements to it. Join the listed above for further details

Tim - The files you mentioned were already edited properly. This issue was that the release of Supermon in beta 6 does not display the database and won’t enter data into the database. CLI does work.

N8PC - I don’t think that version is out for x86 machines. Ras Pi only is my understanding. My Ras Pi nodes are running Supermon2 and I agree with you - definitely more advanced!

I’ll open this as a bug. This is probably a simple path bug.

Impossible. I’ve tried to join FOUR TIMES, each time I keep gettting asked to supply my call, which I do then I receive another email saying my subscription was rejected because I didn’t supply a call!

where are you trying to apply to?

the supermon2 list on Apparently I finally got someone’s attention as I’m now subscribed