Audio problems using Yeasu FTM-400, with DMK URI, and Pi 4 Node

Hello everybody,
I set up a new node consisting of a Rasberry Pi4, to DMK URI, to Yeasu FTM-400. Upon connecting and utilizing the node, the audio from my FTM-400s speaker, as well as the audio from the HT that I am using to connect to the node have very poor audio that I can not seem to adjust using the receive or transmit menus in HamVoip. The audio is very poor, scratchy, with lots of dropping out. The same system works fine through an Icom IC-9700 with a few adjustments in the menus. Has anyone else had the same experience, or have any feedback as to a possible remedy? I really would like to use the Yeasu FTM-400 as my node’s radio.