ASL AMD Install fails

I downloaded the ASL AMD .iso, and used RUFUS to mount it on a usb flashdrive. The computer has a blank 8Gig SSD. I boot on the flashdrive, and get a graphic screen with install choices. I select ’ install ‘. I now have Debian installed. I login as ROOT, but there is NO allstarlink, and NO asterisk. There is NO ’ asl-menu’ as the instructions state. I try ’ apt-get install allstarlink ', but the package is not found. Where do I go from here? I’m lost. The online instructions are not helpful, there are lots of ’ holes ’ for people not familial with Linux. Is there somewhere to find a complete set of basic instructions?

Search asl-asterisk with apt.

asl-asterisk/unknown,now 1.01-20180226-6 i386 [installed,automatic]
Asterisk/app_rpt is a full featured, Linux based repeater controller with carrier quality VoIP full-duplex linking

GeorgeC W2DB

I had trouble as well when booting from USB flash drive. It failed when it got to network configuration. The install worked (the install script finished without error) when I booted off a DVD drive.