Anyone on the supermon2 email list on

I have tried and tried and tried to join that group, only to be repeatedly asked for my call, which I have provided repeatedly (to email but still they keep turning down my subscription because I have not provided my call. Beginning to wonder if it is worth the hassle

What is the issue here?

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I might only add that many of these boards will not take ‘reply to’ addresses in email.
That’s where a separate email for each send and rx.
Can’t say it is your issue.

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Crazy. You can subscribe, be asked for your call and then can’t give them your call. Seems maybe they don’t want new subscribers. Oh well, I’ll continue to fix the supermon2 issues myself without sharing them…

did you send Doug a message about joining as he is the one that runs the group? < Doug Crompton

what problems are you having?

I have repeatedly tried to joining the supermon2 group on and of course, I then receive an email asking for my call. So I reply to with my call but it never seems to be received.

I just sent an email to his gmail address. Let’s see if THIS works…

I think you need to click the link ‘request a email for log-in’ and put in your email
That gives a user legitimacy and then you get to the approval process.

But I believe he is working on a revision to the software right now.

Good luck with your methods…

All I ever saw was a button to subscribe to the group. There was no text field where I could enter my call (or any other note for that matter). I’ll have another look (good thing I take rejection well)

And yes, that’s why I wanted to join as I’m interested in the new version