Any Update - Disable Echolink Connect / Disconnect announcments?

Any Update - Disable Echolink Connect / Disconnect announcments ? Have not seen any recent info ? Thanks - pardon the noise (pun intended)… steve nu5d

This has never changed. Nothing new.
You have separate control of ‘how’ you want to announce EL - call - node or both.
The telemetry for echolink is asl being that the EL interface is tied to a ASL Node#
The only thing that is different is that the EL node# is prepended with a 3.
There is a asl command to not announce / disable telemetry.
So, the telemetry is actually asl telemetry.

Thank you Mike - Sorry my question was vague - I want to stop the node connected, etc from being heard from the node on a cloud server to a repeater station connected to the cloud node. If I understand your reply - YES this can be turned off. Is that correct ? That is all I am asking - I must have missed the YES it can be turned off or No it cannot be turned off answer - sorry I am so dense. steve nu5d

Well, do you mean you want to ‘disconnect’ all echolink traffic from being heard ?
The way to do that is to create a private node and connect the EL interface to it.
It matters not that it is a cloud server. I have one on local and a cloud server.
This allows you not only to disconnect the EL traffic, but more explicit connection to any node on the fly.
Of course, it does not have to be a private node, but that keeps it un-accessible to the public at large if it is.
see this…
You would be using the same dahdi channel driver for it you use for a cloud node.

I have done this for more than 10 yrs on a repeater server and allows me to connect the EL connection to any of the 3 repeaters I want without tagging along a asl public node.
Also allows me to connect it to a cloud server (with proper private setup) for 2 EL connections when needed. May seem like overkill, but the flexibility has ecomm in mind.