Allstar set-up seriously confused what to do next?

Hello, I am new to Ham and would like to get some help with set up.
I currently have a CDM1250 , interface and Pi 4b, It seem i am getting close but not quite.
I don’t know how to proceed. I need to start from the basics. Format, copy image. etc

Thanks in advance for help.

Perhaps this will get you started.
Come back and ask additional questions when you need to.

If you need help with interfacing and setting up the CDM1250, let me know and I can send a file of notes. I use the RA-40 board and RPi3 or 4B. I use a 20 pin cable available on ebay then wire it to a DB9 into the RA-40. You’ll need to program the pins correctly with the Mot CPS software. Using the ASL beta 2.0.0 with excellent results so far.

John N4SJW

Hello John, I am really starting to get frustrated here.
I have burned image after image and I am still missing something. I have tried every image so far some work some wont even boot. Any help would get me closer. Its been since 2/22/2022 tring to establish a connection. Thus far, I’ve followed a few of the you tube vids and they are all different. I have even tried all the images from Hamvoip. I am really green.
Thank you for responding

I would be no help with hamvoip but wanted to add anything I can with the no-boot image part of the equation.
Make sure your power supply to the Pi is adequate.
For better results, use a 2.5 amp or better power supply.
perhaps try a different sd writer . ie Rufus or win32imagewriter or a different sd card

And the quick check you should perhaps do is take one or more of your sd cards you have imaged and try them in some other Pi. Perhaps a local can help you out with that. It would be a shame to go through all of this if the Pi was bad.

Nick, I agree with Mike that the RPi4B needs at least a 3A supply if not higher and added cooling is also recommended, at least a case with fan and ventilation.

Yes, Allstar can be frustrating for a newcomer. My suggestion would be to try a clear node first - at least you’ll get a working node and they can program it for you:

Send them an email to see if they have ported their code over to the 4B. If you can get one from them, that will give you time to get familiar with the setup and other features of Allstar. Note, they have separate VHF (144-148) and UHF (440) versions, if using in your house, UHF will probably be fine. Then get back to a DIY build with the CDM1250


Hey John, I have different issues. 1. Can not log into Allmon.
2. Once I’m in ASL, I do not know how to proceed. I have done set-up so far, have run simpleUSB.
3. Cant find allmon.ini.php edit files 4. (f) in radio tune gave me 3 tones. I have trird installing Allmon several time and still no log in.


I don’t use Allmon, can’t help you on that one.


@KD2VXU nick follow this from the wiki

But if you have additional issues, please start a thread for it. It is not related to this topic.

I’d love to see your notes, too; I’m doing the exact same type of build.