AllStar and thelinkbox

Hi all,

I’ve just installed AllStar on a Linux Mint PC. The node seems to be working - I can see it’s active on However, instead of using a hardware interface, I am trying to link directly to thelinkbox, which uses chan_tlb, if I recall. I did find some old instructions, and they look similar to what I did on a previous Asterisk based system (which worked). However, I am not getting a link between AllStar and tlb. Thelinkbox has been configured with RTP_Port = 44966, which is the same port configured in tlb.conf on the Asterisk side.

I found these instructions, but feel I’m missing something.

Here’s my tlb.conf.
call=VK3IRL-R ; Call of the app_rpt station
port=44966 ; Start of UDP port range (this port, port + 1)
astnode=2199 ; app_rpt node associated with this instance (for incoming connections)
context=radio-secure ; Asterisk context for incoming connections
codec=ULAW ; Default CODEC to be used

1001 = VK3RIR,,44966 ; This one is for VK3RIR at ip default CODEC