After reading for three days, I'm even more confused

Is allstar and hamvoip the same thing ?
I am going to pick up a couple of micro sc cards to install allstar, what size is best?
Can I connect two raspberry pi’s together via the allstar network?
I am trying to set up a remote base, someplace (i live in an apartment)
can the GPIO’s of the r-pi be accessed via allstar ?
Looking for method to change channel on GE Master II 2 channel radio.
At one point I thought I knew what I was doing, now I’m not so sure.
I think I really need some “hand holding”.
Don, K8ZGW

Don, 8gb is plenty big for an SD card. The smallest I can really find anymore are 16gb. Hamvoip is using the asterisk software in their program and it will get you onto the Allstar network. The ASL version that’s on the Allstar website is also good. Hamvoip does have alot more how to’s on things. The main gripe about Hamvoip is that they won’t release their source code. If you are a beginner hamvoip is probably the way to start out for sure.

AllStar is an open-source project started years ago. HamVoIP took AllStar, made changes and releases a binary without the source. This puts HamVoIP in violation of the GPL. It’s a sore subject with many of us.

8Gb is a good size MicroSD.

Yes, you can connect two (or many more) Pis together with AllStar. Yes, the Pi’s GPIO can be manulipated with AllStar. Not heard of anyone interfacing to a GE MSTR II but I’m sure it can be done. Maybe some one will jump in here and help with that.

There is a fairly steep learner curve with AllStar. But look around. There are YouTube videos and web sites to get you going. And we’re here to help as well. Have you seen our WiKi?

Don, Grab the hamvoip image, blast it to an SD card and don’t look back. That image along with the multitude of how-to’s on the hamvoip webpage will have you up and running in less than an hour. Happy to help out if you get stuck.