After AllStar is setup, how are you finding and making contacts

I have the AllStar node setup and tested. How are you going about finding and making contacts with it? How are you using it? Thanks.

It depends on ones desires.

I might suggest listening to a few active networks and nodes. You will find things you like and dislike.

One good start is the WAN system, connectable on 2135. You might google ‘wan system’.

I’m sure other will poke in with some suggestions or ask on one of the active nodes.

But you are going to find nets around the globe of many topics and times to tune into.

I’m not a active ‘floater’ anymore so I’m out of date to what’s happening now.

But I will add that if you connect up to a node, hang around at least 10-15 minutes as a single minute or two is not telling to what goes on there.

Some nodes now have digital interconnects from DMR, YSF etc

Take your time and smell the roses.

With AllStar, every node is a conference bridge, so be sure to disconnect from any other nodes before you connect to a new node as that will bridge the nodes together.