496371 Not showing in directory


I have 2 nodes, 496370 and 496371. Both are working and I can connect / disconnect and pass audio. My issue is 496371 will show “Green in color” but when you click on the link I get…

"Can not find info for node 496371, invaild node number or a temporary communications error, please try again later."
When I click on 496370 via the Allstar Link NOde list, I get statistics correctly. Help :slight_smile:

-N4CRG Andy


I’m having excatly the same problem with 2 nodes that I generated yesterday…

All work fine, connect etc, but give the same message as you get for your problem node.

I’ve compared the setup to my working node that works correctly and reports properly, but I cannot see any differences in setup / config.

I wonder if there is an issue on the “status server” end?

If anyone could help, then I would be eternally grateful too.

Andy, if I see anything that can help, I will let you know for sure too.

Many thanks


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Make sure statpost_url= in rpt.conf is uncommented. If you are running both nodes on the same server it must be uncommented in both node stanzas (two lines).

If all looks ok in your settings then it’s a known issue with the stats server. We’re working to get it fixed asap.

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Mine shows

; ** For ACID and Debian ***
statpost_program = /usr/bin/wget,-q,–timeout=15,–tries=1,–output-document=/dev/null
statpost_url = http://stats.allstarlink.org/uhandler.php ; Status updates

Is that all correct? or should it be “statspost” as mine is singular “statpost”



You’re right. It’s statpost_url=. Corrected in above post.

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Excellent, so all is OK on my setup then, I guess the issue is at the server end for resolution by Allstar?



Correct, we are working on fixing the stats server. We’re working on a temporary fix for now and will be putting out a complete redesign in the future, no eta on that :smiley:

The stats server receives real-time reports of every PTT from all stats reporting nodes. That’s something like 420 posts/second. And drawing the bubble chart is CPU intensive. It’s really overloaded.

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I’m assuming that the long dashes in the wget program line show as one long dash above, but from the keyboard are dash dash?

That’s a safe assumption… those long dashes cause all sorts of grief.

THis is in my rpt.conf file…I think its correct but still no data is showing.

; *** Status Reporting ***

; Uncomment either group following two statpost lines to report the status of your node to stats.allstarlink.org
; depending on whether you are running ACID, Debian or Limey Linux.
; The difference is simply where your wget is located.

; ** For ACID and Debian ***
statpost_program = /usr/bin/wget,-q,–timeout=15,–tries=1,–output-document=/dev/null
statpost_url = http://stats.allstarlink.org/uhandler.php ; Status updates

; ** For Limey Linux **
;statpost_program = /bin/wget,-q,–timeout=15,–tries=1,–output-document=/dev/null
;statpost_url = http://stats.allstarlink.org/uhandler.php ; Status updates


Your node is on the nodes list www.allstarlink.org/nodeslist/. However it was last seen a few days ago. The last seen timestamp should be within 10 minutes of the current time and the node number should have a green background. That indicates you are registered. If you are not registered you won’t show on stats.allstarlink.org even with statpost_url= uncommented.

496371 is an NXX node. Is the register= statement in iax.conf correct and does the password match?

Yes… and thanks for replying again.

I have several node registration accounts. All will not show info on stats.allstarlink.org. I’m trying node 48671 now, and yes its showing GREEN in the list and with a current time of about 7 mins ago. Again, in rpt.conf the status reporting is uncommented and if the password was incorrect in iax.conf I wouldnt be seeing a green status color on stats.allstarlink.org, is that correct?

It says… Can not find info for node 48671, invaild node number or a temporary communications error, please try again later.

Green must the background color of www.allstarlink.org/nodeslist. You said stats.allstarlink.org. Those are all green foreground color. And I see that you node 48671 has the green background on www.allstarlink.org/nodelist/. That means your node has successfully registered with the AllStar network and is likely function normally.

Registering is a prerequisite to stats.allstarlink.org showing your status. It’s important to know that not showing on stats.allstarlink.org is not necessarily an indication that there is a problem with your node. You should be able to connect to other nodes etc.

We have frequent reports of the exact same problem you are having. Many times the problem clears up by its self. Given that your settings are correct there is nothing more to be done on your end. I’ll contact our techs and have them look at it.

Please leave you node on so we can test it.

This has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

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